Too Faced Dupes

Too Faced Cosmetics

As one of my favourite makeup brands, it’s only right that I share a list of what I’ve found to be the best Too Faced dupes with you.

Who Are Too Faced?

Founded in 1998 by Jeremy Johnson and Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced are a cosmetics company based out of California, USA. In November 2016 the company was bought out by the American multinational cosmetics company ESTĒE LAUDER for $1.45 Billion, which at the time was their biggest ever acquisition.

On 6th May 2022, the original founders Jerrod and Jeremy both announced that they’d be leaving the company to pursue new entrepreneurial endeavors. Leading Tara Simon to undertake the role of global brand president, effective July 1st.

Too Faced Dupes

Here’s a list of all our Too Faced dupe guides, including primers and lipsticks.

Too Faced Facts

  • The company name; Too Faced came from when the founder Jeerod, worked behind the Estée Lauder makeup counter. Blandino used to call the customers ”two faced” as they’d turn from nice to angry if they found that they were out of their favourite lipstick.
  •  Jeerod would sell his Too Faced products in Nordstrom during his lunch break while working at Estée Lauder.
  •  Too Faced created the world’s first glitter eye shadow.

Too Faced FAQs

Are Too Faced animal cruelty free?

Yes, Too Faced is cruelty-free. Too Faced don’t test their products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers.